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Episode 5 (click here to listen)

Dr. Shikha Jain is a true trailblazer. 

She loves academic clinical medicine, is a board-certified Hematologist/Oncologist, and a published researcher.  She loves promoting, sponsoring, and mentoring women in medicine, and created the Women in Medicine Summit and 501c3 nonprofit Women in Medicine®.  She’s an advocate, keynote speaker, and co-founder of another organization named IMPACT.  She’s also married to a physician and a Mom to 3 young children.

In this episode, you will hear her passion and energy for life and career.  You’ll hear the decisions she’s made to protect family time, refill her energy, and discern who/what receives her energy outside of family. 

She’s real, insightful, and dedicated to improving life.  She also shares abundantly the message that you (we) are enough.

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Episode 4 (click here to listen)

Dr. Errin Weisman is a leader in the Physician Coaching and Podcasting world.  She practices Family Medicine & Addiction Medicine, has a beautiful family, and lives on a farm in a rural community. 

She’s amazing and her life looks amazing.  

In this podcast episode she shares what the real journey was like.  Starting in the pits of burnout early in her career, she had to figure out how to survive while supporting her family.  You’ll hear what kept her going, how she managed fear, and 7 cultural “rules” she broke to create the life she has today.  

You’ll also hear the importance of Dr. Kristin Neff's work on compassion in Errin’s life, and what it was like to have Dr. Neff on the Doctor Me First podcast. 

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Doctor Me First Podcast

Burnout to Badass Podcast

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Episode 3 (click here to listen)

Today's episode is a conversation with Dr. Robyn Tiger of StressFreeMD.  We explore reasons that we (women in medicine) don't take care of ourselves, the cost to our health and relationships, and how to turn that around.  We'll cover what healthy living looks like and simple ways to get started.  It's never too late to start or to work for 1% better.

Dr. Tiger is a double board-certified physician in Diagnostic Radiology and Lifestyle Medicine. As founder of the physician wellness practice, StressFreeMD, she uniquely combines her trainings in medicine, yoga therapy, meditation & life coaching to teach others physicians how to relieve stress, build resilience and improve their well-being. Her innovative CME courses, coaching, presentations and podcast focus on complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being and resilience.  She is deeply passionate about successfully guiding physicians to become the best versions of themselves and live their healthiest most fulfilling lives!

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StressFree MD Podcast

Episode 2 (click here to listen)

In this episode of Trailblazers Changing Medicine, Dr. Sadaf Lodhi opens the conversation to understanding intimacy and sexuality in our own lives.  She answers the most common questions, discusses cultural/societal pressures, and dispels myths.  All so that we can experience more fulfillment in life.

Dr. Lodhi is an Ob-Gyn physician in New York.  In addition, she helps women with sexual confidence through coaching so they can find pleasure in their relationships.  She is also the host of Muslim Sex Podcast.  Find out more about her work at

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Episode 1 (click here to listen)

In this first episode of Trailblazers Changing Medicine you’ll hear the why behind the podcast, the why behind the creation of GreenCloud Apparel, and more about our founder Laurie Boge, DO. 

 The GreenCloud Community is building and we are so glad that you are part of it.  Join us at the Women in Medicine Summit in September - use discount code GreenCloudPWIM23 at

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