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Hunter Green Collection

Scrubs that change what you thought of scrubs.

GreenCloud's vision is celebrating and supporting women in medicine through style that brings out your best. We know you are courageous. We know you are confident. We simply want to help you wear it. GreenCloud values are these: fun, courageous, reflective of who we serve, iterating, internally cohesive and diverse. 

Our scrub collections are comfy chic so you feel and look like the boss you are. Durable, washer/dryer friendly with minimal wrinkles, these will be the scrubs you reach for first after laundry day!

We are superstitious in medicine, and long ago those in health care started labeling themselves and others as a black cloud or white cloud. We think it is much more fun to be a GreenCloud! We hope to make a small difference in your day and thank you for all you do!