Dr. Belardo: Female Cardiologist

At GreenCloud Apparel, we like to empower the women around us and in the world of medicine. Women have worked very hard to get to the positions we hold in medicine today. We find it vital to highlight some of these women. 

One of these women is Dr. Danielle Belardo, MD. She works in Preventive Cardiology and Cardiometabolic Health & Nutrition. She earned her medical degree from Drexel University College of Medicine, and then she completed a 3-year fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease at Lankenau Heart Institute. In her time studying and in her practice, Dr. Belardo focuses on lifestyle modification and evidence-based nutrition to prevent heart disease. Not only is she a female cardiologist, but she also has a heavy appearance on social media sharing her heart-healthy habits and tips to improve heart health. 

Dr. Belardo has given heart-healthy messages like nutrition facts to reduce blood pressure, healthy lifestyle tips for weight loss, exercise, and more! 

How To Have a Healthy Heart?

Preventative Cardiology is when doctors focus on lowering a patient’s risk for developing heart disease and having a heart attack or stroke. That is one of Dr. Belardo’s specialties, some of her tips on reducing the risk of having an attack are:

  • Quit Smoking: Tobacco use is one of the leading preventable causes of disease, disability, and death in the United States.  
  • Know our Numbers: It’s crucial to know your blood pressure, cholesterol, hemoglobin A1c, and where you stand with your levels. Knowing these will give you a baseline of where you need to go from there. It will let you know if lifestyle changes or medications are necessary. A healthy diet and good exercise can often improve diseases and possibly send some into remission. Meet with your healthcare provider to find these and reach out to a cardiologist. 
  • Nutrition: Both plant-based and Mediterranean diets have consistently been linked to lowering the risk of death from heart disease and more. Increased intake of fruits, nuts, vegetables, legumes, and lean vegetable proteins has often demonstrated a beneficial boost in cardiovascular and overall health. 
  • Physical Activity: Any kind of movement is better than nothing! All types of exercise have beneficial components of preventive cardiology. 

Making lifestyle changes can sometimes be challenging. Lean on your primary health care provider or cardiologists for support and tips. 

Women in Cardiology

GreenCloud Apparel knows the struggle that women in medicine have faced, and that is why we show our appreciation by highlighting women doctors, female cardiologists, and naming our products as the women pioneers of medicine. We have products like our scrub tops for women named after Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, Dr. Virginia Apgar, and one named after the “Matilda Effect.” We also named our women scrub bottoms after them as well. 

Come shop with us to learn more about our products and then empower women that have inspired them and us to create our line of luxury scrubs! 

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