Black Friday Deals On Scrubs

While we are all excited for the holiday season to be here, another day we love to celebrate is Black Friday. Or, as we like to call it here at GreenCloud Apparel, Green Friday! Which marks the official start of the holiday shopping season. This year we will be offering a Black Friday deal on scrubs all weekend, starting at midnight, Friday, November 26th. Our scrub tops for women, women’s scrub bottoms, and more will all be 20% off!  And 5% off all sales this month go to The Battle Continues, a nonprofit that gives 100% of donations to help Veterans who have returned from war. 

Black Friday dates back to the 1860s and originally referred to a stock market crash but is more popular today as a day to get great deals and discounts on all sorts of things, including electronics, furniture, and of course, luxury scrubs! With multiple tops and bottoms in different colors, our scrubs are a great Green Friday score! We have different collections, such as our Pink Collection Tops and Bottoms, and also our new Matilda Scrub Top in Olive Green

Scrub Tops

Our Blackwell, Matilda, and Apgar scrub tops are all named what they are for specific reasons:

  • Blackwell Scrub Top - Named after the first woman in the USA to receive a medical degree from Geneva Medical College in 1849 in New York, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. 
  • Matilda Scrub Top - Named after Matilda Joslyn Gage and the Matilda Effect, it is meant to give confidence to all women wearing them to stand out, but more importantly, to stand up! 
  • Apgar Scrub Top - Also named after a doctor, this oversized button-down scrub is named after Dr. Victoria Apgar, who came up with the first-ever standardized method for evaluating newborns on a 0 - 10 scale. 

Scrub Bottoms

Our Blackwell Scrub Bottoms, also named after Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, are our new basic scrub pants that are created with the most comfortable material we could get our hands on. 

Shop With Us

We are redefining scrubs - and empowering women in the process. Now, how many Green Friday Deals do you know off that add that to your cart, too? So shop with us and get 20% off all Green Friday! And then go take on the world! 

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